Coco Pops and Cheerios to be banned from Scottish school breakfasts

Scottish Government health chiefs are expected to unveil plans to ban sugary cereals like Coco Pops from school breakfasts.
A number of sugary cereals could be banned.A number of sugary cereals could be banned.
A number of sugary cereals could be banned.

Under the plans, which are expected to be announced tomorrow, a number of cereals such as Coco Pops, Cheerios and Sugar Puffs will be banned from schools to provide more healthy options such as Weetabix and corn flakes.

Speaking to the Sun a government source said: “There’s no point in limiting the amount of sugar kids can have at lunchtime if they are eating Coco Pops and Sugar Puffs at breakfast. This is common sense.”

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It is thought that Education Secretary John Swinney will announce plans as part of the SNP’s aim to improve food standards.

Conservative health spokesman Brian Whittle has called for schools to go further however, and have a chef that provides students with local sourced food in a bid to tackle childhood obesity.

The former Olympic athlete said: “Future plans for schools must include a kitchen serving locally produced food staffed with professionals who are asked to do more than just reheat food.

“We find much of the food served is imported, despite being locally available.

“Explain to me why we need to import mashed potatoes, fruit or dairy?