Carrongrange celebrations for staff and pupils

Celebrating the success of all its pupils was the aim of the recent event at Carrongrange School.
House Pupils of the year: Adam Millar, Rannoch House; Maria Thomson, Grange House; Rachel Verhees, Zetland House and Logan Bruce, Inchyra House.House Pupils of the year: Adam Millar, Rannoch House; Maria Thomson, Grange House; Rachel Verhees, Zetland House and Logan Bruce, Inchyra House.
House Pupils of the year: Adam Millar, Rannoch House; Maria Thomson, Grange House; Rachel Verhees, Zetland House and Logan Bruce, Inchyra House.

Teamed with the leavers assembly, headteacher Gillian Robertson and her staff, along with families and invited guests, had an opportunity to congratulate everyone on their achievements and say a fond farewell to those leaving the Grangemouth school.

Staff and pupils were also celebrating the conclusion of their first session in their new ‘home’, having moved from the previous building in Stenhousemuir last August.

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Elliot Jardine, McDonalds Falkirk and Grangemouth franchisee, supports the House Pupil of the Year awards. He said: “I’m proud of our ongoing relationship withthis fantastic school.

Zetland pupils receive House of the Year awardZetland pupils receive House of the Year award
Zetland pupils receive House of the Year award

“I’ve owned and operated the McDonald’s restaurants in the area for over 14 years and I’m always blown away by the community spirit or our town.

“This ceremony is a chance to celebrate brilliance at Carrongrange and I would take this opportunity to offer my congratulations to all of the worthy winners.”

Grangemouth Rotary, Calachem Ltd and Positive Steps were also thanked for their contributions towards the awards ceremony.

Class Awards: 1B Ellis Kirkham – Attendance, Numeracy, Music; Safa Khan – Health & Wellbeing; Rebecca McLean – Attendance, Outstanding progress in Interaction.

1G Ava Horn – Attendance, PE; Alex Marshallsay – Attendance, Outstanding progress in Transition.

1L Courtney Bryce – Attendance; Ewan Mochan – Attendance; Nicola Smith.

1M Gabriel Bellington – John Muir; Lauren Burns – Saltire; Rebekah Dunsmore – Attendance, Social Subjects; Nikki Forrester – LLL(Pyro), Numeracy, Art; Ellie Haldane – Attendance, Drama; Aaron Inglis – Literacy, RME; Erin McDougall – Attendance; Ralitsa Velikova – Attendance, English as a second language.

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1R Ryan Aitken – Science, Saltire; Enrik Carvatchi – Attendance, DET, Music; Megan Clark – Attendance; Jack McAllister – Modern Languages; Brandon Reid – Attendance, Health & Wellbeing, PE, Saltire; Jack Sutherland – Attendance.

2B Olivia Beattie – PE, Saltire; Lauren Howe – Asdan, LLL(Alanmart), Saltire; Shannon Kearns – Asdan, Art, Numeracy, John Muir; Andrew McIntosh – Asdan, John Muir; Leah Norris – Attendance, Asdan, John Muir; Kieran Stevenson – Asdan.

2C Reece Anderson – Asdan, John Muir; Sean Edwards – Asdan, LLL(Models); Chloe Haldane – Attendance, Asdan; Kian Holden – Asdan; Liam Longmuir – Asdan, LLL(GC Theatre), H&WB; Elizabeth McDonald – Attendance, Asdan, LLL(Walking), Saltire; Owen McGookin – Asdan, Literacy; Patrick Murphy – Asdan; Reilly Robertson – Asdan, DET, Drama, Music, Modern Languages, RME, Social Subjects, Saltire; Ben Turner – Asdan.

2H Mark McLuckie – Attendance; Andrew Townsley – Attendance; Peter Wright – Outstanding progress in Communication.

2M Connor Allingham – Numeracy; Fraser Brown – Science; Tom Crowe – Attendance, LLL(Therapy); Mercy Fasora – Attendance; Daniel Godfrey – Attendance, John Muir; Amy Kennedy – Attendance, John Muir

3B Lewis Brawley – Attendance, DET, Modern Languages; Peter Davidson – Social Subjects; Nathan McCallum – Art, Drama; Colleen Reid – Attendance; Tom Shanks – Literacy; Ben Smith – Attendance.

3P Sean Armstrong – Attendance; Kyle McLaren – Attendance, Numeracy; Stuart MacMillan – H&WB, RME, PE, Science, Saltire; Michelle McAllister – Music; Brandon Newby – LLL(Gardening), John Muir; Jackson Taylor – Saltire.

R1 Owen Cassidy – John Muir; Dominic McMenemy – John Muir; Henry Rudkin – Attendance, Literacy; Kirsty Anne Smith – Attendance.

R2 Jabin Chacko – Attendance; Stuart Lamond – Attendance.

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R3 Sarah Coyle – Numeracy, Saltire; Liam Dunn – Sports Leader; Chloe Hendry – Drama; Ryan McKay – Sports Leader; Stephanie McKay – SVS (Traybakes), Music; Adam Milar – Attendance; Sophie Steele – Literacy.

R4 Hannah Craig – Drama Sports Leader; Kevin Donaldson – PE, Sports Leader; Nico Dinardo – Art; Aidan Inglis – Attendance, DET, SVS (Breakfast rolls); Chloe McRae – Drama, ICT; Corey Yeadon – Attendance, Sports Leader.

R5 Alan Anderson – Attendance; Jamie Campbell – Attendance, RME, Sports Leader; Craig Cook – Attendance, SVS, PE, Music, Sports Leader.

R6 Chloe Dick – Events(Creative); Gail Hutton – Attendance, RME, Sports Leader; Lewis Kane – Numeracy; Dylan Leadbetter – John Muir, Sports Leader; Steven McCormick – SVS(Bike maintenance); Alan Sadowski – Art; Blake Scobbie – Science, Sports Leader.

R7 Scott Baird – Sports Leader; Cameron Beveridge – John Muir; Scott Davidson – Attendance; Nathan Douglas – Attendance; Luke Fitzpatrick – John Muir; Lewis Gill – Attendance; Michael McGuire – John Muir; Ace Prentice – PDA, Sports Leader; Zach Short – Social Subjects, PE, Sports Leader.

R8 Stephen Anderson – Attendance, Sports Leader; Ryan Bellington – Saltire; Thomas Chalmers – Attendance, Sports Leader, SVS(CG Theatre); Sean McKinnon – Attendance; Dylan Neill – SVS(Show design).

R9 Sean McDonald – Attendance.

R10 Struan Baird – Numeracy, Sports Leader; Shannon Bankier – Sports Leader; Emma Louise Houston – Sports Leader; Antonio Knox-Johnston – DET, Maths, Sports Leader; David Marshall – Attendance, SVS(Gardening), John Muir; Haris Mustafa – ICT, John Muir; Alexander Phillips – Sports Leader; Maria Thomson – Literacy, Music, John Muir; Rachel Wilson – Attendance.

House Pupils of the Year – Adam Millar (Rannoch); Logan Bruce (Inchyra); Maria Thomson (Grange); Rachel Verhees (Zetland).

House of the Year – Zetland