Tory backing for gene editing

The Scottish Government’s refusal to alter their stance and remain bound by EU rules on gene editing “defies any sort of logic”, it has been claimed.

Speaking after a visit to the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, the Scottish Conservative Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary, Rachael Hamilton, said that the SNP Government should follow the lead of the UK Government in giving the green light to gene editing trials, now that the UK had left the European Union.

Hamilton said she believed that gene editing could help reduce costs for farmers, support efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boost food production - but claimed she was frustrated at the SNP Government’s refusal to budge on the matter.

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Welcoming the opportunity to discuss the issue with those at the Roslin Institute, who had outlined the benefits gene editing could have on improving animal welfare and meeting net zero targets, the MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire said she also supported the use of innovation to reduce the use of pesticides and antibiotics, protecting soils and improving nutritional quality of food.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to visit the Roslin Institute to discuss gene editing with those who are experts on the subject. It was a very positive visit and I’ve come away determined to continue to push the SNP Government to see sense on this issue.

And she called on the SNP to listen to the experts at the Roslin Institutewho had been clear on their support for gene editing and the overwhelming benefits it could bring for farmers and other industries.



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