Home dining is on AHDB’s menu

With over a quarter of the UK population saying they plan to eat out less when lockdown eases, a new report exploring future opportunities for meat and dairy aimed at home-eating has been produced.

Combining research undertaken before Covid-19 with market insight into how the pandemic has influenced meal choices and shopper spend, the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board’s report hopes to help producers key into the important aspect of this growing market for home cooking.

With 26 per cent of people saying they planned to eat out less and 38 per cent of workers thinking they will increase the number of days working from home, AHDB analyst and author of the report Grace Randall said it was crucial that consumers’ needs and desires were built into plans for the future.

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“Knowing as many details as possible about how products are selected to meet consumer needs, allows us to better understand the changing eating landscape, enabling us to look at opportunities for sector products,” said Randall.

But early sign were good – a year on from the start of the pandemic research had shown strong volume growth of red meat (+12 per cent) and dairy (+10 per cent) into the retail sector which provided the makings of home meals.

“In the research, not only have we looked in detail at meal occasions, but also the people consuming them. For example, the make-up of households, their differing attitudes and relationships towards products such as meat or dairy and what media influences their choices and beliefs.”

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