Films help children spot danger on the farm

Striking the right balance between keeping youngsters who are keen on the farm involved enough to maintain that interest while also keeping them safe has always been a tricky business.

But as the New Year begins, a series of short films has been produced to help parents manage this process - and farmers and crofters are being encouraged to view them along with their children in order to appreciate what measures are in place to keep youngsters safety on the farm – and why they are there.

SAC Consulting - part of SRUC - has created a package on safety information designed to engage both children and adults in spotting the dangers which exits on farms and crofts.

The films, which are available on the Farm Advisory Service’s website as interactive videos look at the seasonal jobs of lambing, autumn market sales and winter jobs are also designed to help children spot hazards around a farmyard and in sheds. The internet videos also aim to help youngsters identify animal emotions, understand the dangers relating to livestock and safety rules to follow when encountering them.

“It is a real challenge to balance the need to keep children safe while allowing them to take part in activities on the croft or farm – activities which often encourage future generations of farmers and crofters,” said the SAC’s Janette Sutherland.

She said research had shown that it was important to engage children in the exercise and it was to this end that the safety information, interactive games, and seasonal films had been produced.


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