Crop storage deadline extended for arable farmers

The UK-wide shortage of lorry drivers has meant that many arable farmers around the country have been experiencing additional delays in getting their grain uplifted from the farm for delivery to maltsters, merchants, distillers and processors.

As the issues is outside growers’ control, Scottish Quality Crops has this week granted anyone suffering such hold-ups a derogation to the requirement to have their crops moved from sheds which were termed “temporary storage” and which were generally used to accommodate grain for the period up to collection.

SQC said that under normal circumstances its standards required all grain in temporary stores to be emptied by the 31 October – but the assurance scheme decided that due to the unprecedented issues impacting the industry with regards to lorry movements and grain collection, this would be extended to the 30 November 2021.

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The organisation said that the derogation was granted with the proviso that all standard points within the scheme were adhered to, and clear records were kept for future assessment.

“We draw your attention particularly to the requirements of the standard for vermin control. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that every possible action is taken to maintain the quality and safety of the grain whilst in this extended storage period,” SQC told growers.

Oat growers supplying Quaker Oats will have to become LEAF Marque certified by 2023, Pepsico, the parent company has announced.

The move follows a similar backing of the environment assurance scheme by supermarket Tesco which recently required its dedicated suppliers to meet the same standards.


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