Arran to brew abroad after Holyrood knock back

ARRAN Brewery is to start producing its beers overseas after being knocked back for a Scottish Government grant.

Managing director Gerald Michaluk last month “slammed the brakes” on plans to expand on the island after Scottish enterprise minister Fergus Ewing rejected a £1 million grant application.

Now Michaluk will make his beers in other breweries around the world rather than simply exporting them from Scotland.

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He said: “The entire production from Arran will only be enough to satisfy demand in Scotland for our beers.

“Without the grant funds to expand on Arran, we will take Arran to other markets, making and distributing our beer in the country we would have been exporting to.

“It is a strategy not without risk but it is greener than simply exporting beer.

“It is a parody of Scotland’s history where our own country won’t support its native industry and the people are forced to seek opportunities overseas.”

Michaluk plans to open a training academy at his brewery on Arran to teach foreign brewers how to make his beers.

Arran Brewery training supervisor Paul McCluskey added: “We can make a very good likeness to Arran ales by adding natural salts to local waters so as to impersonate Arran water, by using the same whole hops and other natural ingredients, type of equipment, yeast and, of course, the most important ingredient an Arran brewer.

“However, if tasted side-by-side with Arran-made beer, the differences may be noticeable.”

Last year Michaluk unveiled ambitious expansion plans for his business by merging with Isle of Skye Brewery and buying the former Rosebank distillery in Falkirk, where he wants to build a third micro-brewery and open a bottling line.