Waste data specialist Topolytics recognised as global innovator

An Edinburgh-based specialist in waste data analytics has been recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a global innovator in the field of the 'circular economy'.

Michael Groves says seeing where waste is and where it goes leads to better decisions about how it is reduced.

Topolytics, which has developed a digital map showing where waste is generated and where it is sent for disposal, recycling and reprocessing, has been invited to join Circular Economy 100 (CE100), an innovation programme established by the foundation linked with the famous long-distance yachtswoman.

The initiative brings together corporates, governments, cities, academic institutions, emerging innovators and affiliates in a multi-stakeholder platform.

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Michael Groves, founder and chief executive of Topolytics, said: “CE100 validates our leading position in the growing £1.5 billion ‘smart waste’ sector. We are turning waste into a high value resource by mapping the generation and movement of the world’s commercial and industrial waste.

“Seeing where waste is and where it goes is the first step to making better decisions about how it is managed and reduced.”

Having spent two years market testing via proof-of-concept projects, Topolytics is commercialising through a growing number of clients for its data insights and analysis. Groves has 25 years’ experience in environmental management and sustainability reporting.