Warning of higher fish prices due to dispute

The price of a fish supper could rise in the coming weeks as a strike by Icelandic fishermen threatens the UK's supply of fresh cod and haddock.
There could soon be a shortage of fish in the UK Picture; PAThere could soon be a shortage of fish in the UK Picture; PA
There could soon be a shortage of fish in the UK Picture; PA

The dispute, which centres on Icelandic trawlermen wanting a larger share of the value of their catch, is now hitting the UK fishing industry, with Grimsby hit particularly hard by reduced stock levels.

Grimsby fish market, Britain’s biggest importer of fresh Icelandic fish, has been forced to lose a fifth of its workforce – with staff cut from 32 to 26.

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The price of whole cod is £2.80 to £3 per kilogram, with haddock at £2.20 to £3.30 per kg, and last Tuesday just 514 boxes of fish were offered for auction, which was described as the “least supply ever”.

Now there are fears that cod and haddock prices could rise due to limited availability of Icelandic fish.

“It is a question of how long the strike goes on, and the longer it goes on the worse it gets,” said Martyn Boyers, chief executive of the group that operates Grimsby fish market.

“Iceland is one of the main suppliers of fish into the UK. It has hit our business particularly badly because we do rely on Icelandic fish.

“In due course there will be a knock-on effect as there will be less fish available, and if the demand stays the same then generally the price will go up.”

Two thirds of the fish sold 
at Grimsby fish market 
comes from Iceland and stock levels are around 50 per cent down.

“We have had to lay people off, which is unfortunate for them as it is not their fault,” Boyers said.

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