Vision Scotland magazine celebrating innovation

Vision Scotland is a publication which celebrates the successes of Scotland’s business community - with a specific focus on innovation and collaboration, as well as business growth, investment, talent, skills and leadership.
The latest issue of Vision Scotland.The latest issue of Vision Scotland.
The latest issue of Vision Scotland.

We aim to speak with an influential and unified voice about what Scotland is doing well - and how we can do better.

Too often, Scotland can be downbeat about its business prospects, underplaying the enormous amount of innovation, creativity and collaboration which is driving and constantly re-inventing our economy.

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That word “collaboration” is crucial; Vision Scotland will turn the spotlight on those areas where the public and private sectors are working together effectively to tackle thorny policy challenges around skills, investment and sustainable economic growth.

We will also promote innovation, the bedrock of Scotland’s diverse modern economy.

The great examples from across a whole range of sectors prove that innovative business thinking is very much alive and well. It is new thinking, risk-taking and challenging the norm - especially by SMEs - that will guarantee Scotland’s economy thrives in the future.

It is also important that these companies have access to high-quality advice and support to allow them the space to innovate, which brings us back to the need for effective collaboration.

There are so many success stories out there - the food and drink sector continues to boom at home and abroad, tourism remains an absolute bedrock of the Scottish economy and the professional services sector is as resilient and adaptable as ever.

The tech sector and the creative industries are also thriving, but the tech sector in particular is facing real skills shortages.

Yet we need to see issues like this as an opportunity for Scotland rather than a problem - an opportunity to equip more young people with the skills they need to begin their career in a vibrant and ever-changing sector which offers them a huge range of exciting options, not in Silicon Valley or the far east, but here in Scotland.

In each issue, our partners - businesses and organisations across Scotland - are invited to work with us to produce articles which have a strong editorial value and cover a topic of interest to the business community in general.

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As well as being distributed with The Scotsman every three months, you will find the magazine in rail and airport lounges (across the UK and in parts of western Europe), in hotels and reception areas and at business conferences and events.

Printed copies of Vision Scotland are sent to Scotland’s leading 100 businesses and it is also available as a pdf hereIf you would like to become a partner in Vision Scotland, please contact Adam Fenech on 0131 311 7236 or Ian Davey 0131 311 7235.