Video: Malin Marine celebrate launch of first workboat vessel '˜Provider'

Managing director of the Clydeside firm hopes it's the first of many vessels returning shipbuilding to the River Clyde.

A Glaswegian nautical engineering firm has launched what could be the first boat on the River Cart inin 55 years.

Managing Director of Malin Marine, Graham Tait, thanked the tireless efforts from staff and engineers who paved the way for the launch of their first workboat.

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The Provider will make its way north to the islands to take part in aggricultural projects with mussel and fish farms.

Graham wants Provider to be the first of many ships coming from Malin in a city fondly nostalgic of its shipbuilding heritage.

He said: “This is our first build and we hope to be able to do a few more like this - this design, this size and also larger ones as well.”

Graham is confident that once Malin has proven they can build high-quality ships, “we can hopefully move on from there and build a few more.”