Unlike Alan Sugar’s show, Vardy says ‘you’re hired’

CAR dealership chain Peter Vardy is the latest firm to commit to taking on trainees following the success of its Apprentice-style recruitment scheme.

Vardy has rolled out its Rookie Academy for a second year and on a bigger scale with up to 20 jobs up for grabs. More than 200 people applied for the 12-week intensive course which last year saw 11 apprentices taken on from the 400 who applied.

Those recruits attended a series of rigorous assessment days consisting of presentations and role play against each other and with chief executive Peter Vardy.

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The rookies were trained in every facet of the car selling trade and in March took up sales positions across the seven dealerships throughout Scotland.

Vardy said: “The academy is an excellent opportunity for those who are seeking employment in what is a very tumultuous recruitment landscape. This is a chance for people who are willing to work hard to get a foot in the door of an ambitious company and the possibility to carve out a career in one of the few growing industries in Scotland.

“By training these individuals in every area of the motor trade and pairing them up with their own mentors, they are getting one–to-one advice and tuition.”

Roddy McAllister, group trainer, has been heavily involved in the implementation of the scheme. He said: “The enthusiasm and drive demonstrated by last year’s rookies has had an impact throughout the organisation and so the natural progression for the Rookie Academy is to expand.

“Each person has a full overview of each dealership and key areas of the group, from our prep centre in Livingston right through to finance, auctions, systems training, manufacture and warranties. The result of this is an in-depth knowledge of the motor trade as a whole.”

Last week, Glasgow businessman Willie Haughey pledged £2 million over four years supporting 100 apprentices.