UK rated top commercial real estate market despite Indyref2 and Brexit fears

Britain remains the preferred country to invest in commercial real estate, according to a survey, despite concerns over the economic impact of Brexit.

Real Estate investors have confidence in the UK market
Real Estate investors have confidence in the UK market

The study, by online investment platform BrickVest, showed that 30 per cent of professional real estate investors named the UK their preferred location for investment.

3,000 investors were surveyed, and it wasn’t all good news for the UK real estate market, with concerns over Brexit clearly having an impact.

The 30 per cent figure for Britain is a slight fall from the same time last year, and French and German investors are much more wary about investing in the UK.

19 per cent of French and German investors named the UK as their preferred area, down from 24 and 22 per cent respectively last year.

Germany was the second favourite location for those seeking opportunities in commercial real estate, with 25 per cent naming the country their preferred area.

UK investors seem undeterred by the potential constitutional upheaval, with 46 per cent selecting their home market, up from 44 per cent last year.

Politicians before the referendum on leaving the EU warned that a vote for Brexit could do real damage to real estate and other markets.

Scottish politicians have also sounded a note of concern about potential uncertainty arising from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for a second referendum on independence.

Emmanuel Lumineau, CEO at BrickVest, commented: “Despite Brexit, our latest Barometer shows the UK remains the preferred location to invest in from our global investor base but uncertainty created is beginning to take effect.

“Since the vote in June, we’ve seen a 72% increase in the number of investors joining the platform. We have seen plenty of appetite from investors for property as an asset class and it is clear that many of our users want to take advantage of the vote.”