Trader’s ‘joke’ about buying Kirkcaldy shopping centre attracts support

A joke message posted on social media by a trader in Kirkcaldy’s Hunter Street about the future of the Postings has attracted many comments of support.

Alan Jackson

Allan Jackson, director of Greens and Beans coffee shop said he planned to set up a consortium to buy over the shopping centre and “make Hunter Street great again.”

And he says that although he posted the message as a joke to “brighten up all the doom and gloom” around the town centre, the sentiment behind it was serious.

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Allan’s message on the Greens and Beans Facebook page stated: “I’m starting a consortium to buy the Postings and make Hunter Street great again, although I think it’s one of the best streets in Kirkcaldy.

“It’s only a £1 we need to buy but probably £300,000 a year to maintain but just look at the potential. We could get that Tesco building leased again maybe Primark, The Range, Wilko, or many many more.

“Let’s get Kirkcaldy back to its best or just crumble to the retail parks – everyone has a choice.”

One person responded saying: “Why not have a proper food market fresh fish fruit veg meat etc. plenty places like than down south why not here?”

And many others left messages of support for the consortium idea, with one saying: “You have my backing for the consortium. Here’s power to your elbow in supporting our local shops.”

Speaking to the Press this week Allan said: “I put it up as a joke really, but lots of people have left comments which is great.

“Hunter Street is a great street – I would say one of the best in the town and every unit is filled, but since Tesco closed we have seen a huge drop in footfall.

“Myself and the other traders in the street don’t want the Postings sold off to a developer to sit on for years and years, we want to see it brought back into use.

“Down south there are many towns, like Chester, where the council has bought over old shopping centres and transformed them into thriving market halls with lots of different little shops, and something like that would be great for the Postings. Other people have suggested using it as a multi sports centre or gym, which are also possibilities.

“There’s no way we could afford to run it, but my message is serious and we want to keep it in the public eye so it doesn’t just get forgotten about.

“It’s not in a bad condition inside and the tenants who are still there are doing their best. Some still have leases to run until 2012, but action must be taken now to ensure its future.”