Tracker for alzheimer patients launched

With an aging population and more care at home packages happening, worried families are turning to tech to help keep their loved ones safe.

Families trying to look after a parent with dementia could find a new GPS system the answer to their prayers.

Spytrack Nano is the latest version of GPS tracking software and mobile app from Rewire Security, the UK systems specialist based in Bristol.

The GPS tracker is also a useful tool to allow businesses to manage their fleet to improve efficiency, and there’s even an SOS button to summon help in case of emergency.

The Spytrack software and app have been updated with new features including real-time location and instant push notifications, as well as the best route between the tracker and user to get to valuable assets. The Spytrack app works together with the Spytrack Nano personal tracker, allowing individuals and businesses to track and locate what’s most important to them in just a few seconds.

The Spytrack Nano personal GPS tracker weighs only 68 grams and offers 10 days standby, worldwide coverage along with a long list of useful functions.

According to the designers Spytrack Nano is an ideal tracking solution for locating kids, Alzheimers’ patients, distribution personnel, bike, cars and overseas containers. The tracker is the size of a matchbox yet offers worldwide tracking with one-two meters accuracy, and it has three buttons for controlling the device and sending an SOS message to a preset phone number in case of an emergency.

Bilen Saribardak, managing director of Rewire Security said the product is already the bestselling GPS product on Amazon UK. “We have spent eight months designing the Spytrack Nano, accompanying Spytrack Software and APPs, our main focus was to develop an app that’s both functional and easy to use, without the need for any technical background.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with how our clients are adopting this new tracking technology and making the most out of our app. The app has been updated with new features such as; geo-fence zones, instant smartphone notifications, tracker-to-user navigation and previously taken routes history to make it easier to track what’s most important to you.”

As well as the personal use, Rewire Security’s system has been designed with fleet managers in mind, and can provide driver behavior reports and fuel levels, as well as the ability to immobilise a vehicle remotely in case of theft.

The detailed information can help firms reduce costs and improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, says Rewire.

The Tech Advisor website has given it a four star review.

The latest version of the Spytrack app is available for free download on both Google play store and Apple’s app store. The app is included in the Spytrack service subscription and works on both Android and IOS based smartphone and tablets.

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