The cost of renting near every stop on Edinburgh's tram line

A tram glides along Edinburgh's Princes Street. Picture: Ian GeorgesonA tram glides along Edinburgh's Princes Street. Picture: Ian Georgeson
A tram glides along Edinburgh's Princes Street. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Stretching from the city centre to the airport on the Capital's western fringe, the controversial tram network had over five million passengers in its first year.

The 8.7 mile, transport link was named the world’s ‘Operator of the Year’ at the 2015 Light Rail Awards despite remaining unpopular with locals - in part due to its hefty £776 million price tag and limited route.

But how costly is it to live and rent property on the 15 stop tram route?

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We examined the average renting options available within a 1/2 mile radius from each station along the route. The homes had to have two bedrooms.

The Edinburgh tram route map.The Edinburgh tram route map.
The Edinburgh tram route map.

(All prices are listed were found on on 05 February 2016)

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York Place (EH1 3JD)

£1,449 - 31 properties available

The Edinburgh tram route map.The Edinburgh tram route map.
The Edinburgh tram route map.

A half mile radius in this area comes with a good selection of high to low cost houses. Adjacent to the Omni Centre and Playhouse, the areas surrounding this tram stop are walking distance to the city centre.

St Andrew’s Square (EH2 2AD)

£1907 - 27 properties available

The second most expensive tram stop in terms of property, this is one of the most central locations available. Properties are within walking distance of both the bus and rail station for links out of the city.

Princes Street (EH2 2ER)

£2191 - 32 properties available

The stop at the very centre of the city unsurprisingly has the highest average rent price. While there are more reasonable priced properties in the area, this premium location means that rents are almost double the rest of the tram line.

West End - Princes Street (EH3 8ET)

£1712 - 32 properties available

The West End also comes with its own steep price tag. Among the independent coffee shops and cafes are some very nice properties, most of which require a very nice salary to afford.

Haymarket (EH12 5JZ)

£912 - five properties available

While properties around the tram stop are quite limited, they’re also almost half the price of a stop just five minutes walk away. Still surrounded with good shops and restaurants, the Haymarket station has some of the lowest rents around it on the tram line thanks to cheaper rental areas like Dalry being in close proximity.

Murrayfield Stadium (EH12 5PE)

£771 - six properties available

Going to late night shows would never be an issue again if you lived near this stop. From Murrayfield the tram takes you into central Edinburgh in a matter of minutes and with affordable property, you might consider renting here.

Balgreen (EH12 5XQ)

£662.20 - two properties available

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This is the cheapest location to rent at on the tram line, at half the price of the average over all rent. The stop is right next a primary school and the zoo just a 15 minute walk away.

Saughton (EH11 3NE)

£675 - one property available

Property is limited in this low price area, so you may have to act fast if you want to live here. The downside for some: The area is also home to ‘Saughton Prison’.

Bankhead (EH12 9FR)

£770 - one property available

A mostly industrial area, this location is quite far out from the city centre stops. While the rents are quite low, the property available is virtually zero.

Gyle Centre (EH12 9JE)

£770 - one property available

Conveniently located next to the Gyle Shopping Centre, if you live near here this stop you have plenty of retail options. Coming in joint 8th place with Bankhead, it is one of the cheapest tram stops - and a lack of property available reflects that.

Edinburgh Park, Gogarburn, Ingliston Park & Ride, Edinburgh Airport

Due to the industrial areas surrounding these stops, there were no properties available to rent within a 1/2 mile radius.

Average rent within 1/2 mile radius of tram stops: £1,222