Tesco top hirer of ex-Army personnel

Tesco has been found to be the most popular employer for former Army personnel, with about one in 100 ex-soldiers working for the supermarket straight after leaving the military, according to data from job site Indeed.

Tesco was among the private sector firms dominating the top ten. Picture by Lindsay Addison
Tesco was among the private sector firms dominating the top ten. Picture by Lindsay Addison

It has called on more employers to consider boosting their appeal and suitability to former service personnel in a competitive jobs market.

Aerospace giant and Govan shipyard owner BAE Systems, Royal Mail and the supermarkets Asda and Sainsbury’s also featured in top ten along with the National Health Service.

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Furthermore, those returning to civilian life were most likely to apply for lorry driver or warehouse worker roles.

Indeed analysed the job paths of thousands of former Army personnel as the first in a series of investigations into what happens to people who leave established careers to transfer their skills to other jobs.

Supermarkets feature prominently in the list and together provide nearly one in 50 of the first civilian jobs taken up by ex-soldiers. Tesco ranks as the top employer of former Army personnel: 0.81 per cent of soldiers who leave the military find their next job with the retailer, which has about 250 stores in Scotland. Asda attracts 0.6 per cent, while Sainsbury’s accounts for 0.33 per cent of ex-soldiers.

Defence and security companies unsurprisingly scored highly. As well as second-placed BAE Systems at 0.72 per cent, the top ten list of employers of former soldiers also includes G4S and the Ministry of Defence. Serco, which oversees many of the country’s prisons as well as operating the Caledonian Sleeper, is another popular next home for those leaving the Army at 0.36 per cent.

Also notable is the preference for private sector placements. While the NHS and the Ministry of Defence feature in the top ten, most former army personnel leave the public sector behind after completing their service.

Bill Richards, UK managing director at global jobs site Indeed said former soldiers have been “prized” by employers for their discipline, work ethic and problem-solving ability.

“Coveted skills like these stand out to employers competing for staff in a tight labour market and companies should consider how they can appeal more to former service personnel.

“While former soldiers may need some support entering into the civilian workforce, employers are increasingly targeting them as a talent pool rich with people who have highly transferable skills, experience and leadership capabilities.”

He added: “The popularity of supermarkets among former soldiers is also likely to reflect the sheer volume of vacancies Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s are always having to fill.”

The most popular role most commonly chosen by those leaving the Army is lorry driver, which accounts for more than one in 25 of soldiers who move into “Civvy Street”.

Other popular jobs include driver (2.7 per cent), delivery driver, and warehouse worker, labourer and customer service representative.

Indeed commented this was “painting a picture of largely entry level roles that the majority of former soldiers are having to accept upon returning to civilian life”.

top ten employers of ex-army personnel

1. Tesco




5. NHS

6. G4S