Tech boss Gorol invests in new tendering tech firm TriSaas

William Gorol previously launched Procure Wizard. Picture: contributed.William Gorol previously launched Procure Wizard. Picture: contributed.
William Gorol previously launched Procure Wizard. Picture: contributed.
A Scottish hotelier turned technology entrepreneur has injected a large six-figure sum into a new company that aims to revolutionise the complex process of tendering with the launch of a “cutting-edge” cloud-based platform.

William Gorol has poured £650,000 into TriSaas, and has spent two years designing and specifying the new platform TriTender that aims to allow firms to manage, control and streamline the tendering process, while widening the opportunities for suppliers and encouraging competitive real-time bidding.

It follows his first technology venture, Procure Wizard, which focused on online procurement and grew to have more than 4,500 suppliers, 40,000 active users and 2,000 hotel and restaurant clients engaging on the system each day. He sold it to The Access Group for an undisclosed sum in January 2018.

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Gorol said that having tackled the post-tender procurement cycle with Procure Wizard, he spied the need for a service that simplified the initial tendering process and improved the issue of buyer and supplier negotiations.

He said TriTender “has been designed to create an open and transparent tendering platform ensuring buyers can leverage maximum value from the supply chain and significantly reduce post-tender analysis, whilst giving the suppliers a platform to showcase not only their best price but their service offering”.

TriTender forecasts processing tenders valuing in excess of £100 million in year one – and doubling this by the end of year two.