Summer school operator moves into US market

A Glasgow-based summer school business is expanding into the US market by launching a programme at Yale University.

Jen Munro is expanding her ISSOS venture into the US

ISSOS, launched in 2006 by managing director Jen Munro, already offers those aged 13 to 18 the chance to spend their summers living and studying in St Andrews and Cambridge, welcoming nearly 500 students a year from 60 countries.

Munro said she hopes to send 150 students to the Ivy League institution Yale next year on a three-week summer programme.

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“ISSOS have been experiencing an increasing demand over recent years from UK students who want an international experience and their parents who are encouraging them to use their summers more constructively,” Munro said.

“The expansion to America is a real milestone for the company. When I first started ISSOS I knew there was a gap to be filled in the education sector and Scotland was the ideal location as there is a real fascination with the country amongst foreigners.”

She added: “Once we’d perfected our UK programmes, it became clear there was demand for something in the US which is renowned for its summer camps but I knew ISSOS could offer something different to a more international audience.”