Scottish greentech startup calls for greater Government support for wind innovation

Glasgow-based greentech innovator Katrick Technologies is calling for the newly-formed UK Government to support emerging wind technologies developed in Scotland.

Public investment in game-changing technologies like ground-level wind power generation should be part of the Labour-led Government’s commitment to making Britain a clean energy superpower.

Expanding public investment in the UK’s wind generation capacity is critical to combating climate change. Scotland has emerged as the country’s wind powerhouse, with huge growth potential.

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A recent study from the Institute for Public Policy Research found that Glasgow was among the UK’s hotspots for green manufacturing and one of the areas that could benefit the most from “developing Britain's manufacturing in the wind energy supply chain”.

Vijay Madlani, CEO at Katrick Technologies.Vijay Madlani, CEO at Katrick Technologies.
Vijay Madlani, CEO at Katrick Technologies.

In its election manifesto, Labour pledged to double the UK’s onshore wind and quadruple offshore wind capacity by 2030. The newly-formed Government must now follow through on these promises, supporting both existing and new low-carbon technologies like ground-level wind power generation” commented Vijay Madlani, CEO at Katrick Technologies.

“The expansion of new low-carbon technologies can help cities like Glasgow strengthen their positions as green manufacturing capitals, creating thousands of jobs and more resilient supply chains.”

Katrick Technologies’ call for greater Government support follows the recent demand for greater incentives put forward by the Scottish offshore wind sector, led by Scottish Renewables.

Last November, Katrick Technologies completed the first testing phase of its novel wind power generation technology at the University of Strathclyde in partnership with The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). The prototype of the company’s Wind Panel exceeded expectations, producing on average 41.1 watts (W) of mechanical power at a wind speed of 10.2 m/s.

The Wind Panel is a market-first wind power generation technology that addresses the limitations of conventional wind turbines by capturing powerful turbulent gust winds found at lower levels through its unique design. The panel features channelling ducts containing aerofoils that oscillate independently when exposed to the kinetic energy of wind and these mechanical oscillations are then converted to energy.

This homegrown technology can augment the UK’s wind generation capacity by harvesting untapped clean energy, in areas beyond the reach of conventional wind turbines. It should be part of the Government’s commitment to achieving zero carbon electricity by 2030.



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