Scots airline pilots have sexiest voices, survey finds

They are a voice of reassurance for passengers before take off and landing. But when it comes to the accent of airline pilots, most frequent fliers like their captain to be Scottish, a survey has revealed.

Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Just under a quarter said they found Scottish accents to be sexy, with 23 per cent of UK travellers admitting pilots instantly become more attractive if from north of the Border.

The Scots accent saw off Irish accents in second place, with those from Birmingham finishing last with just two per cent.

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For nervous flyers, pilots speaking the Queen’s English (received pronunciation) are most reassuring to them, with just under half (49%) of travellers admitting the tones of Patrick Stewart and Michelle Dockery gives them confidence during the flight.

“Frequent flyers seemingly get a bit lustful when Scottish pilots are on board, but it’s essential that travellers feel safe and reassured,” said Stephen Davis of flight comparison website, which commissioned the research.

“Forget the rescue remedy, all you need is a bit of Queen’s English to settle the nerves.”