Royal Property in Scotland: 6 Examples of Scottish sites owned by British Royalty

The property portfolio of the Royal Family includes castles, hotels, forests, farms and a wealth of natural resources across all UK nations.

Have you ever wondered how much property the British royals own in Scotland? After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, we learned about her ‘home away from home’ Balmoral Castle, the Scottish Highlands estate where she died. As the coronation of King Charles III looms closer, many are asking again how much of Scotland is owned by royalty?

Ancient buildings aside, we also have Crown Estate Scotland which is a “self-financing public corporation of the Scottish Government responsible for the management of land and property in Scotland owned by the monarch 'in right of the Crown' i.e, King Charles.

According to the Scottish Government this “includes leasing of the seabed out to 12 nautical miles, 37,000 hectares of rural land; rights to most naturally-occurring gold and silver; and approximately half of Scotland’s foreshore including 5,800 licensed moorings; 750 aquaculture sites; and salmon fishing rights.”

The UK Government also notes Bona Vacantia (Vacant Goods) which refers to “ownerless property” which “by law passes to the Crown.” Here’s a few examples of residences owned by the Royal Family and what the Crown owns.