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Société Générale SG86 Accelerated Twin Win

SOCIT Gnrale has launched a structured product called the "SG86 Accelerated Twin Win". This is a London-listed instrument that offers 210 per cent of any positive performance in the FTSE 100 Index if held to maturity. The capital is protected at 100p, unless the index falls more than 60 per cent from its initial level. It would make a profit if the FTSE rises or falls, as long as it does not go below 3,156.

Structured products are not for everyone; for a start, they do not pay an income so you rely on capital contributions. No-one should contemplate an investment in such products in any event unless they really understand the implications, including the possibility of a total loss. On the other hand, the Socit Gnrale product is liquid and reasonably marketable. However, this still offers no guarantees. The SG86 has fallen from around 103 to current levels in a month. If an investor believes markets are likely to bounce, this offers some protection should the turmoil continue. It is important any prospective investor should seek advice to ensure this type of product is suitable for their portfolio's structure and risk profile.

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• The value of your investment could fall and you may get back less than you invested. You should take professional advice if you have any doubt about the suitability of this product for your portfolio.


1,890p -25p

Broker says BUY

SABMiller is "still a solid story" according to Evolution, despite its results disappointing the market. The broker said: "With the group's geographic growth footprint fundamentally attractive, we would use any relative share price weakness as an opportunity to increase holding in the stock."


644.5p -0.5p

Broker says HOLD

AHEAD of full-year results tomorrow from Asos, Seymour Pierce carries a "hold" rating on the online clothing retailer. Respected analyst Freddie George said: "The complexities of developing the business overseas have not, in our view, been fully factored into the share price. The weakening of the euro is likely to dampen down any bid interest."