North Lanarkshire seeks to become a Fair Trade zone

An inaugural meeting to advance the Fair Trade movement in North Lanarkshire to achieve zone status, will take place on Tuesday, October 30.

Communities and retailers play a significant role to move forward the Fair Trade movement and the inaugural North Lanarkshire Fairtrade Zone meeting, hosted by North Lanarkshire Council, is at the Atrium Business Centre, Coatbridge, from 6.30-8pm.

By working together within the local authority area, North Lanarkshire could be credited with being a Fair Trade zone.

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A Fairtrade Steering Group will be established with the aim of ensuring continued commitment to Fair Trade status across North Lanarkshire and to encourage the sale of Fair Trade products in retail outlets, workplaces and community organisations.

The five key objectives to meet Fair Trade Zone status are: To seek local council resolution to support Fair Trade within the workplace to meet Fairtrade zone status;

To encourage the availability of Fairtrade products locally in retail and catering outlets;

To promote Fairtrade products in local workplaces and community organisations;

To attract support through events, media and social media;

To establish a steering committee to ensure continued commitment to Fairtrade status.