New call for price cuts as motorists use less fuel

AS MANY as half of Scottish drivers have cut out non-essential trips to save money on fuel, according to research from the RAC.

The motoring organisation says two-thirds of drivers have had to cut back on essential items just so they can keep the car on the road.

The RAC is now urging petrol retailers to reduce the price of fuel, saying drops in the wholesale prices of petrol and diesel should be passed on to motorists.

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The RAC’s technical director, David Bizley, says: “Motorists should expect to see a 3p and 4p a litre reduction in the price of petrol and diesel respectively if fuel retailers do the right thing and pass on their wholesale savings.

“While historically, many of the price rises at the pump have been as a result of increases in tax and duty, it is clear that the industry is not bringing prices down fast enough when wholesale prices drop. In the current economic climate, this is simply unjust.

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“The current approach to fuel pricing and taxation seems particularly short-sighted when you consider the Office of National Statistics recently reported that petrol and diesel sales are down by 18 per cent since 2007 and analysis by the RAC Foundation has highlighted the growing problem of fuel poverty.

“The fuel retailers and the government should be doing more to help drivers.”