Most over-50s aim to finish '˜bucket list'

Only a quarter of over people over the age of 50 say they have achieved all they wanted to in life, while five out of six say they still have things to tick off their 'bucket list'.

Trevi Fountain in Rome is on many people's bucket lists. Picture: TSPL

Almost half those questioned agree there is still much for them to accomplish in their lives, according to the report from Sun Life, which quizzed over-50s on the things they want to accomplish during the course of their lifetimes.

One in four believe they should have attended a music festival, learned a foreign language and read at least 100 books.

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Just a third of people in their 60s and 70s say they try to save their money so that they can leave a substantial inheritance for family members.

For another quarter of older people, seeing the Northern Lights tops the £20,000 retirement bucket list of things to do once they hit age 50-plus, while one in ten plan to visit all seven continents and ride in a Venetian gondola.

More people in their 70s plan to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, while those aged 50 to 55 are five times more likely to want to ride an elephant than a Vespa.

Visiting seven continents is also top of many people’s bucket lists, which Sun Life estimated would cost around £13,000. Meanwhile, riding on a gondola in Venice would cost £32 for the ride, plus £685 for a typical three-night trip away.

Other “bucket list” experiences, however, such as reading 100 books, could be free – if the reader used local libraries – while watching a meteor shower would also be free, but would need to be well planned out.

Sun Life’s director of marketing, Ian Atkinson, said: “For many, 50 is a milestone age when you not only look back and take stock but start planning new adventures and experiences. While a third of people in their 60s and 70s say they try and save their money to pass on as an inheritance, far more would rather enjoy it now.

“Having worked hard, many believe 50 is the point where their life is just getting started. In other research, we discovered that eight out of ten people age 55 and over will use assets such as property wealth to live a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement, with one in four admitting they would invest in a holiday of a lifetime.”

More than a third of those polled say they believe life really does begin at 50, while almost half of those questioned agree there is still much to accomplish in their lives.