Marzipan Media predicts £3m sales growth

A Falkirk music business is anticipating sales will grow by more than £3 million as it launches an e-commerce venture.

Marzipan Medias managing director Calum McRae is predicting £3.6m turnover by 2021. Picture: contributed
Marzipan Medias managing director Calum McRae is predicting £3.6m turnover by 2021. Picture: contributed

GMS (Recordings), which recently launched a new website launch and rebranded under the name Marzipan Media with support from Business Gateway Falkirk, is forecasting turnover will increase from £450,000 this year to some £3.6 million by 2021.

The family-run firm specialises in finding the right music to help brands sell their products and services, currently serving more than 2,000 clients in 16 countries, including Magnet Kitchens, Hilton Hotels and Nuffield Health.

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Managing director Calum McRae said: “By giving venues, brands and businesses direct access to our services online, it allows us to supply virtually any venue, anywhere in the world with licensed music playlists.

“For most, music is a part of everyday life; it helps connect us to things and makes us feel. That is why using the right music and messages can help create brand loyalty and make people more open to purchasing a certain product or use a certain service.”

It was founded in 1965 by Malcolm McRae, who owned a small supermarket and one Christmas accidentally ordered enough marzipan stock for 144 Christmases.

In order to sell the excess, he began to play music alongside audio adverts promoting the marzipan, which were recorded by his wife, May, an elocutionist.

The move saw the entire marzipan stock sell out in just six weeks, and Malcolm invested his savings to start what became GMS (Recordings).

McRae added: “When we were thinking about rebranding, the story of how it all began really resonated with us and led us to the name Marzipan Media.

“We want to become the world’s largest B2B media provider. We have the right people in our team, doing the right things and, with the current business ecosystem in Scotland, we’ve never had such an opportunity to grow as we do now.”

Lorraine Taylor, of Business Gateway Falkirk, said: “Marzipan Media is now in its third generation with Calum and his sister, Heather, now driving the business forward. Their vision is to enhance the company’s global credentials and client base and the easiest way to do that was to provide customers with the option to tap into their services at a click of a button.

“Our support over the years has helped the business set down its plans for the future and put structures in place to help them achieve their goals.”