Caman get it: Alba’s Freeview slot ‘a threat’ to Scottish local TV stations

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COMPANIES bidding for licences to run local television stations in Edinburgh and Glasgow are in danger of being “sidelined” by communications regulator Ofcom, according to an industry expert.

Freeview plans to place local stations south of the Border in slot number eight in its line-up of channels, but Scottish stations will be demoted to number 45 because BBC Alba occupies the channel eight berth in Scotland.

Richard Horwood, chief executive of Channel 6, which is bidding for a licence in London, wants Ofcom to move ITV2 out of slot number six and give it to local TV stations. He said: “Good-quality local TV has always been a commercial challenge. The only way to help it prosper is to give it prominent listing. It’s Ofcom’s job to make sure all the local channels benefit from Freeview prominent listing: not just the English ones.”

Ofcom declined to comment ahead of its probe into local TV.