‘Lazy’ Scots squander more than £2,900 each year

Scots spend an average of £244.78 a month because they would rather “spend more money and have more time” according to a survey by TopCashback.co.uk

Scots would rather spend more money and have more time. Picture: flickr.com
Scots would rather spend more money and have more time. Picture: flickr.com

The availability of handy services such as Uber and ‘Laundrapp’ have left Scots shelling out for tasks they could easily do themselves.

The study reveals that Scots are spending £2,937.36 a year on basic errands including pet walking, laundry washing, home cleaning and car washing, because they are either too busy or feel too lazy to do it for themselves.

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76 per cent of Scots admit to being too lazy to cook from scratch, resulting in them eating through an excess of £360 a year in takeaways. Workers too lazy or busy to make prepare packed lunches spend an extra £32.69 a month.

The cost of being lazy in Scotland.

The research also reveals that car owners have abandoned the Sunday tradition of washing their vehicle and are instead spending an average of £8.58 on car cleaning services each month. Those who take taxis for distances they could easily walk, rack up an average cost of £19.32 a month.

Regular beauty treatments also leaves Scots out of pocket with residents saying they spend more than £300 a year on their appearance. More women (35 per cent) admit to splashing their cash on pampering, spending £26.36 a month in comparison to 5 per cent of men who spend £17.50 a month.

Pet owners spoiling their beloved pooches with spa-style grooming treatments and pet walking services add an average of £36 to their monthly expense, according to the research.

One of the biggest expenses was £76.67 a month on private cleaners for three per cent of Scotland residents.