Kaiam crisis: Workers mystified over salary payments

EMPLOYEES at crisis-stricken Livingston technology firm Kaiam have been mystified by salary payments apparently going into their bank accounts just days after being told they would not receive their December pay cheque.

Kaiam made 310 staff redundant with immediate effect on Christmas Eve

But it looks as if the transfers showing online among their bank transactions might be automated entries without any hard cash behind them.

Workers were told by the company on Christmas Eve that due to declining work levels, high costs of operation at the site and the absence of customers orders, there was “no option” but to make 310 of the 338 employees redundant with immediate effect.

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They had already been warned they would not be paid for this month’s work.

Today one worker posted on social media: “I’ve just noticed a giro payment in my bank account for the amount of my wages from Kaiam this morning. It wasn’t there yesterday.”

Other said they also appeared to have received payments.

But someone else posted: “ I reckon this is because you’re normally paid on the 27th and wages are usually paid via BACS, which is processed a couple of days before and then credits your account on the day intended. Of course it would be amazing if you get your wages, but if they don’t have any money in their bank then all these payments will fail.”

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