How to make your home a smarthome

LAP 13A 2-Gang SP Switched Socket & USB Charger Brushed Steel. Picture: screwfix.comLAP 13A 2-Gang SP Switched Socket & USB Charger Brushed Steel. Picture:
LAP 13A 2-Gang SP Switched Socket & USB Charger Brushed Steel. Picture:
From thermostats, light bulbs and washing machines, the technology to make your home a smarthome is a click away.

Smart products aim to make our lives that little bit easier.

Not only do they keep us up to date with our friends, family, followers and favourite television shows, they can now actually save you money. By adapting your home with a few smart products, you can actively limit your energy consumption and spending, all through the use of an app.

Lighting (from £14.99)

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Smart lighting is a great way to start your home transformation.

As opposed to an average energy saving lightbulb, a smart lightbulb allows you to set mood lighting, can be scheduled to switch on and off through a phone or tablet and some can even work as an alarm and wake you up in the morning.

For from £35, you can install a bulb which can be controlled through iPhone or iPad. From a single device, you can control up to ten different bulbs, including programming it to wake you up gradually like a sunrise - better than a wailing alarm clock, surely?

Heating (from £124.99)

While some smart elements of a home are not yet completely necessary, smart heating systems or a smart thermostat are likely to be an important part of household life going forward. For most people, heating a home in the most efficient way possible is now a must. Both systems are able to be installed in most homes if you have a boiler or central heating.

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Products offer different features including one which can separate your house into zones and adapts to suit its function. For example, your kitchen would be heated at dinner time, your bedroom in the morning and at night and a guest bedroom whenever it is in use.

Even for those who don’t have a smartphone or tablet, there are heating systems that work via SIM card and can be controlled through a single text. More sophisticated systems can detect carbon monoxide and control water temperature.

Smart switches (from £29.99)

If you’re looking to take small steps towards making your home a smart haven, smart switches are a step in the right direction. Smart switches can set schedules, monitor energy usage on electronic devices and find out which devices are used most often.

Through having access to this information via an app, you will be able to start saving on your home’s domestic electricity usage and operating cost.

USB power sockets (from £19.99)

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If you’re tired of the mess caused by having multiple chargers plugged in, updating your plug sockets could be the answer to your problems. Now available on the market are sockets with both three-pin power sockets and USB charging slots. At only £19.99 they are relatively cheap and a simple solution to an everyday problem.

Washing machine (from £899.00)

Early 2015 saw the revealing of a new kind of washing machine. Not only could this new breed of appliance wash two loads at once, it’s Smart Control means you can remotely control and monitor your washing from anywhere using a smartphone App. You can instantly start or pause it and monitor cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts.

The F900 Washing Machine also has a integrated Sensing Load function which automatically analyses the weight of smaller loads, so it only uses exactly the right energy and water.

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