How are companies gaining a competitive edge in life sciences?

Magnus Johnston of Haseltine Lake & Kempner
Magnus Johnston of Haseltine Lake & Kempner
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When innovation and ideas are at the core of your business, you have to take measures to protect them.

Speaking at the Scotsman’s Precision Medicine Conference, Magnus Johnston presented his case for the importance of intellectual property protection for innvative health.
The UK and European Patents Attorney at Haseltine Lake Kempner told delegates: “I tend to work on the basis that if someone has thought of it, somebody else has probably thought about it or thinking about it.”
In the video above, Magnus explains how IP can help young businesses overcome common hurdles such as having limited start-up costs or the long road to taking a product to market.
Scotsman Conferences’ ‘Accelerating the Precision Medicine Opportunity in Scotland’ was held at Glasgow University Teaching & Learning Centre at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on 27 August 2019.