Home care venture debuts, focused on central Scotland and aiming to generate 100 jobs

Two Scottish-based health and social care entrepreneurs are hoping to create 100 jobs after launching a service that will cash in on Scotland’s ageing population.

The service aims to offer a 'real alternative' to care homes (file picture). Picture: contributed.

Married couple Gavin and Louis Stedman-Bryce have pressed the button on Kairos Home Health, a round-the-clock service designed to offer a “real alternative” to care homes and help those who wish to remain in their own property for as long as possible. The service will provide adults with health and social care needs with a carer who lives alongside them in their own home.

Kairos aims to create the jobs across central Scotland and will be operated from offices in East Lothian and Glasgow.

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The Kairos team “is driven by a passion to help older people retain their independence in familiar surroundings by preserving routines and offering tailored help and support,” they commented.

Gavin Stedman-Bryce said: “Data shows that there are around 40,000 older people living in residential care across Scotland right now, and many of these may have ended up in care homes as their families weren’t aware of all the options available to them.

“Studies show that people are often happier and healthier if they can stay at home for longer. Being cared for in familiar surroundings helps to alleviate stress and upheaval. This is particularly true for those with dementia.

“Louis and I created this service as we know instinctively that many adults with support needs would choose to stay at home with help from a service like ours. I speak to people every day who think a care home is their only option, so we are helping families realise that there are other options, including a service like ours.

“As a complement to providing care services, we can provide families with information on the best options available to them. We see Kairos Home Health as a facilitator and a conduit for people who need advice.”

Health and social care campaigner Gavin Stedman-Bryce early in his career spent time in East Africa with people who required medical attention, working with families to get people out of hospital and back into their villages.

He has since worked in NHS public health commissioning and set up his own company, Pamoja, a consultancy for the not-for-profit sector.

Kairos stresses that matching carers – who undergo rigorous testing – with “clients” is key, and Gavin Stedman-Bryce said: “We are investing in a 100-strong team and have been working on the recruitment process for a few months now to ensure that we are selecting the right people to fit with the ethos and values of the business. We’re looking forward to being able to offer our service to people across central Scotland.”

Kairos Home Health is a service operated by Pamoja Beyond Homecare, a care company registered and regulated by the Scottish Care Inspectorate.