Glasgow legal outfit changes to Oakwood

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Legal firm MLS Law has changed its name north of the Border as part of a sweeping rebrand.

The practice, which is based on Buchanan Street in Glasgow, has been re-named Oakwood Scotland Solicitors.

Oakwood employs almost 100 people across the UK. Its Glasgow operation specialises in personal injury and has been in operation for almost 18 months.

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Ross Slater, who runs the Scottish arm of the business, said: “We think the name Oakwood suggests permanence, strength and solidity. We are relatively new as a business, but our parent company has a longer history and, like them, we intend to be here for the long haul.”

Slater has more than 25 years’ experience in personal injury law in Scotland. Oakwood’s parent company is based in Leeds.

Oakwood’s managing director and owner, Abbie Keech, said: “We’ve been going as a business in the UK since 2001 and we are now a decent sized practice with potential for significant future growth. We try to ensure that our client care has a local feel to it. We also try to take on local people through apprenticeships and train them from the ground up – it’s a community thing.”

She added: “We’re relatively new in Scotland but our business is growing at a healthy rate, and there are several areas where we think we can have an impact nationally in the next few years.”

Among Oakwood Scotland Solicitors’ specialist areas are medical negligence, industrial disease, product liability and workplace accidents.