Gazetteer: Google-eyed over Twitter awards

CAN a qualification launched on Twitter be worth the paper it is printed on? Ooops, of course not. Twitterers don't use paper.

Ben Rogers, a man with an unfathomable job title to many (he is a Google analytics consultant) found out on Twitter the could take a new qualification as a "Google Adwords Professional". That was at 6:30pm.

In the time it would take for most to have a few pints, Rogers Googled the search engine's "conversion university", looked at the stuff, took the test and by about 8:30pm became one of the world's first GAPs with a pass mark of 95 per cent.

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Rogers, who works for Edinburgh-based pay-per-click specialist Attacat said: "As I was in the process of packing up for the evening, I had a final check of Twitter. Noticing the most recent post in my feed highlights a new Google Analytics qualification, I had no choice but to look into it further."

Twitter-ye not, but perhaps he should have gone for the drink instead?



THE sum which Michael Smurfit, the Irish packaging multi-millioniare is said to be splashing out on a state-of-the-art yacht.

According to reports, Smurfit is getting rid of his old yacht, a mere 164ft. It will be replaced by the 213ft boat, if that is the right word to describe a floating palace which will have a spa, a pool, gym, and sun deck – all the usual facilities that any self-respecting, very rich tycoon would want.

The former chairman of Smurfit Kappa is clearly not suffering too badly from the effects of the recession.


"LLOYDS shareholders … are incandescent about what has happened. They are angry about the merger and would like to see the whole board, Blank included, go because it has been a disaster"

Roger Lawson, chairman of the UK Shareholders Association, on the conduct of Lloyds chairman Sir Victor Blank and his board


Donald Emslie

The former head of Scottish Media Group continues to maximise the publicity for Castle Hotel Management Company. Emslie plans to develop the Duke Of Roxburghe's Borders estate.



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REPORTS yesterday suggested that a matter of months before the bank plunged into crisis, the Financial Services Authority had given HBOS "gold-plated" clearance under its system of monitoring risk.