'˜Find My Bucky' tops mobile downloads

A 'Find my Bucky' app is top of mobile downloads.A 'Find my Bucky' app is top of mobile downloads.
A 'Find my Bucky' app is top of mobile downloads.
An application which helps users pinpoint the location of their nearest Buckfast supplier is top of both the Android and Itunes app stores.

The app, which costs 99p is top of the food and drink paid for apps on both Google Play and the App store.

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'˜Find my Bucky' app launched to help Buckfast drinkers find nearest supplier

Created by ‘Wreck the Hoose Juice’ the app aims to pinpoint the nearest Buckfast supplier to them, and is aiming to add new locations on a daily basis.

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“Our goal is to spread the awareness of Buckfast and to help Buckateers around the globe easily locate the best wine in the world.”

The team behind the site, who are now the biggest Buckfast fan group online and helped to create World Buckfast Day, say they have no affiliation with Buckfast Abbey or J Chandler and Co. Limited the distributors of Buckfast Tonic Wine.

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