Falkirk Sisters shop now has next door Misters

What do you do if you’ve been running a successful women’s clothes store for 23 years and find that some old High Street store brands have left town?

For well-known Falkirk trader Lauren Brown the answer was simple, even if the hugely challenging business of turning it into reality was a little more complicated.

On Friday she proudly opened the doors to Misters, the next door neighbour to her successful Sisters business, and says she is determined to give local people the sort of clothes options the failed big boys of the retail game are no longer able to offer.

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“There are so many people in town looking around to find where they can buy something as straightforward as a man’s white shirt,” she says, “or it could be a black tie for a funeral.

“Beyond that people are just looking for good clothes at realistic prices, and also the option of maybe going for something a bit cool, too - a bit above the average.”

She added: “Since Burtons, M&S and the rest left Falkirk a demand has grown that surely doesn’t have to be supplied by taking a trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow.”

Lauren has been listening to her female customers and friends, many of whom shop for men - and of course for teenage boys.

“They all agree there’s nowhere obvious to go for things you should be able to find without difficulty, so I’m doing my best to change that - and am very much looking forward to hearing what people think of our new shop.”

As one of the town centre’s most experienced retailers she considers that despite all the challenges it makes sense in any market to strive for customer satisfaction.

So now her original Lint Riggs business has a brand new brother store, and with it a determination to give Falkirk shoppers the sort of choice the flagging one-time superbrands are no longer able to offer.

One early runaway success is a £30 Falkirk tee-shirt which has almost sold out already - but more are coming.

There’s more about Misters at https://www.facebook.com/mistersmenswear/