Falkirk is perfect venue for Andrew Harkins' Corner Cafe

At just two weeks old, The Corner Cafe is the latest addition to Falkirk's food scene and its proud owner says its been made very welcome.
The Corner Cafe is aiming to be a quality venue for breakfast and lunchThe Corner Cafe is aiming to be a quality venue for breakfast and lunch
The Corner Cafe is aiming to be a quality venue for breakfast and lunch

“We had a good first week and then an even better second week and that’s great,” said owner Andrew Harkins, who left a career in retail management to follow his dream of owning his own business.

“The vision I have for the cafe is to bring something that’s really a cut above the rest in terms of good quality food.

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“Our focus is on making everything in-house and we’re lucky to have a chef, Laura Adam, who is also a great baker.”

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The cafe, on the corner of Manor Street and Vicar Street, was formerly The Larder but since Andrew took over it has been totally refurbished, including the downstairs area and toilet.

When Andrew spotted the site, he was immediately interested.

“I’m from Glasgow and I’ve been looking for a while for a suitable place to open my own business, in lots of different places,” he explained.

“I’ve always had a passion for good food and good coffee .

“I’m always eating out and trying new places myself, so it seemed natural to bring that passion to a business.”

“When I saw it, I just felt it was a really good spot and I felt that Falkirk had a lot of potential.”

Andrew is happy with the way the business is building gradually.

“We’re definitely building something,” he believes.

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“We didn’t do huge amounts of promotion because I wanted to build it up and find our feet, rather than opening with a bang and not being quite ready,

“Even the two weeks have made a difference – we’re in a much better place now than we were on day one.”

Specialities include a luxurious French toast served with fresh berries and maple syrup and freshly made waffles.

“My personal favourite is the macaroni cheese, which we call ‘magnificent mac and cheese’ because it’s so good!” said Andrew.

“We’ve also had two customers return three times for the nachos which they say are the best in Falkirk!”

Andrew is also proud that the coffee is provided by a Falkirk-based business, Henry’s Coffee Company.

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