Edinburgh pair create restaurant POS iPad app

TWO Edinburgh men have launched an app for the ­restaurant and bar trade which is expected to bring in revenues of £400,000 in its first year and aims to save ­users money.

Robin Knox and Paul Walton flanking Meadow Bar owner Christian White. Picture: TSPL

Robin Knox, 25, and Paul Walton, 26, have designed a “point-of-sale” app called iPos to work exclusively with the iPad tablet computer to take payments from customers.

The duo believe that iPos is the first iPad-based app of its kind to be developed in the UK. They says that users will require a tablet-compatible cash drawer and printer. Costs for the equipment are about £450, plus a £39 monthly subscription charge for the app, which includes technical support. This compares with traditional point-of-sale systems which can cost up to £4,000 plus monthly charges, they said.

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Knox said: “Our first-year forecast is to sell one of our systems every day, yielding a turnover of over £400,000. We already have a list of 60 customers ready to take out subscriptions. We anticipate interest from restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels or indeed any SME with a terminal.”

Geoff Thornton, owner of Leeds and Manchester-based Epernay Champagne Bars, said he plans to adopt the iPos. He said: “It’s quick, ­clever and does the job. We will be moving all of our sites over.

“Anyone who appreciates the simplicity and ingenuity of iPad will like iPos. We had struggled for years with till systems and had enough of overpriced hardware and over-complicated software that rarely performed, and cost the Earth.”