Edinburgh firm unveils ‘green’ boilers scheme

A COMPANY offering energy- efficient boilers has offered its own alternative to the Green Deal – which is not yet available in Scotland.

Firstcall of Edinburgh says it has more than 500 orders for its replacement boiler package, which allows home-owners to claim £900 cashback grants and interest-free finance.

The company says home-owners are frustrated by delays to the Green Deal scheme.

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John Dickson, national sales director of Firstcall Home Assist, said its package provides a means to have a new boiler
installed without having to wait for the Green Deal.

He said: “There will be many property owners across Scotland who are keen to use the Green Deal to finance much-needed 
energy-efficiency improvements, but they have been thwarted because the scheme has been delayed in Scotland.

“The huge interest in our boiler deal so far shows that home-ownerss want to take advantage of all the benefits that the Green Deal will provide, without having to wait any longer.

“This allows them to save energy, save money with no upfront costs. While the government has made it attractive to fit a new boiler by offering generous cashback allowances, we are helping to make the cost even more manageable by meeting any shortfall between the grants and the appliance charge by
offering 0 per cent interest-free finance.”