DM Hall surveryor to equal record in North Atlantic

An Edinburgh surveyor who broke the record for the longest single occupation of Rockall, a North Atlantic islet 230 miles west of the Scottish mainland, is to return to the site of his achievement as a guide.

DM Halls Nick Hancock hopes to equal a world record with his return to Rockall next year. Picture: Contributed

Nick Hancock, a director at chartered surveyor DM Hall, set a world record when he spent 45 days on the tiny uninhabitable islet in 2014.

Next year he will act as a guide to a party of adventure tourists hoping to become the first people to set foot on Rockall since 2016.

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The 2020 trip, organised for by Lupine Travel and adventure sailing experts Kraken Travel, will include 18 tourists looked after by a captain and a crew of four.

If Hancock does return he will equal the record for the most Rockall landings made by an individual, which currently stands at three.

He said: “I will be acting as a guide more in the sense of a mountaineering guide, rather than a tour guide, since a tour of Rockall would take a very short time indeed.

“The whole trip will be very weather dependent. It takes a minimum of 16 hours, and perhaps in excess of 24 depending on wind direction, to travel from Oban to Rockall and the ocean swells can make landing very tricky.”