BEING interrupted by an e-mail can actually boost the productivity of stressed workers, according to research presented to the British Psychological Society.

The Surrey University survey found that e-mail interruptions are a welcome distraction for workers who are up against a deadline, while bored staff also became more effective when interrupted by a message.


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COMPANIES should reveal full details of directors’ pay and pensions to investors, urges the TUC. The union organisation published new guidelines calling for firms to spell out any difference in pension arrangements between the boardroom and the rest of the workforce.

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HUNDREDS of workers at a leading bookmakers are set to vote on a "groundbreaking" deal aimed at reducing the working week to four days as the betting industry gears up for changes. More than 900 workers at Stanleys will decide whether to accept a phased reduction to a four day week and a 3.5 per cent pay rise.