Data Capital podcast: Enough about data - let's talk about people

In the sixth and final episode of The Scotsman's Data Capital series, we discuss why data is only as important as the people behind it.

During the series, we have talked about how data - and artificial intelligence - is being used to help shape the future of tourism, to transform the oil and gas industry, to train robots to help humans with challenging tasks in difficult environments, and much more.

Now we're examining why none of this is possible without human beings to make sense of that data and AI - collecting it, understanding it, analysing it and deriving insights from it.

Firas Khnaisser, who chairs the Data Marketing Association (DMA) in Scotland, is joined by Olivia Gambelin, Founder and CEO of Ethical Intelligence, for a lively exchange of views on why people matter so much in the world of data and AI.

Picture: Shutterstock

As Olivia says: "Our technology and our data are a reflection of our society. So when we see something in our systems, that we don't like, that's not the system - that's actually society, that's our human nature."

Firas highlights why public trust in the use of data is so vitally important: "There are companies that have taken our data for a number of years and done all kinds of funky stuff with it, and made billions, but they have never actually told us they would be using our data to do stuff like that."

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