Connected Commsworld bucks telephony trend

Digital services provider Commsworld has dialled up a record number of telephone connections thanks to the 're-emergence of the value of personal communication'.

Commsworld chief Ricky Nicol says voice communications remains an essential tool for business. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

The Edinburgh firm, which offers high-speed broadband and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services, said it had deployed 13,000 connections this year – exceeding the highest annual number achieved in 21 years of business. VoIP converts calls into data and sends them over the internet rather than a traditional landline. The jump in connections bucks a wider industry trend, with data suggesting the telephony market fell by 5 per cent last year.

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Commsworld chief executive Ricky Nicol said the advancement of networks and cloud services had made VoIP a reality. “Voice communications remains an essential tool for business,” he said. “When VoIP first appeared it struggled against the resilience, speed and practicality of landline systems.”