Collagen Solutions to collaborate in jellyfish study

Life sciences company Collagen Solutions is to take part in a £100,000 initiative aimed at improving the production of medical-grade collagen from jellyfish.

The Glasgow-based firm is to collaborate with Welsh partner Jellagen in the study, which has been funded by a Smart grant from Innovate UK – the government-backed body formerly called the Technology Strategy Board.

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Aim-quoted Collagen Solutions also said the funding will be used to investigate the use of jellyfish-derived collagen in bone grafts and medical devices.

Chief executive Stewart White said: “We require access to consistent supplies of medical-grade collagen derived from jellyfish and therefore made a strategic investment in Jellagen when it was founded.

“We see this as a reliable and renewable source of novel medical-grade collagen, which we can then help to fabricate into potential medical products.”