Cautious optimism for 2016’s fine wine market

This year has seen the fine wine market stabilise after four years of decline, according to Liv-ex, which operates the global marketplace for the prestigious product.
The fine wine market is seeing renewed optimismThe fine wine market is seeing renewed optimism
The fine wine market is seeing renewed optimism

Its report for the year found that Bordeaux’s market share dropped back to 2004 levels, “before the China-led bull market and the sharp boom, and then bust” while the Burgundy 150 Index and Rest of World 50 Index both hit record highs.

Additionally, market shares increased for Italy and the US.

As for what can be expected from the market in 2016, the report noted: “Market participants are now beginning to perceive value in Bordeaux. There has been increased interest over the past few months in some of the vintages that suffered significant price falls, such as 2010.

“While market sentiment definitely remains on the side of caution as we move into 2016, the levelling off of the Liv-ex indices this year has at least broken the downward cycle.”

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