Case Study: Crash victim Jamie got his life off the ground again with MIB's wide-ranging help

JAMIE Dempsey was just 21 when he was left for dead by a lorry driver in a late night hit-and-run accident in Kingcausie.

With serious leg, shoulder, arm and head injuries his life was at serious risk at first, and his left leg had to be partially amputated. Just nine weeks later he was walking again with a prosthetic leg and his desire to face up to life saw him put the accident to the back of his mind.

His father wouldn't forget, however, and about two years after the accident his determination to secure compensation for Jamie took him eventually to the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB). Jamie's father died of cancer soon afterwards but the support he secured for his son through the MIB was part of a legacy Jamie remains grateful for.

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"I wasn't getting help elsewhere in the system but my father was determined and I am very glad he did it. The MIB sent someone up to see me, asked what I wanted to do with my life - I told them I wanted to do falconry - and helped me go about it," he said.

After assessing Jamie for rehabilitation needs the MIB set him up with a car, enabled him to move into a suitable flat closer to his home town and helped him secure a job in falconry at an outdoor activity centre.

Jamie took over the falconry business three years ago and, now 30, uses his birds at the Turnberry Falconry Centre for displays, education, parties and even weddings.

But with the compensation claim only now in its final stages - the other party was finally traced and taken to court but not pinned down for the offence - the MIB has continued to provide support.

"They have helped me here and there, such as whenever I have needed new parts for my leg," Jamie said.

"I don't know what I would have done without them."