Brexit set to hit the pockets of East Renfrewshire residents

Newly published research shows the stark financial impact Brexit will have on people living in East Renfrewshire.

The People’s Vote campaign has carried out independent analysis of authoritative research by the London School of Economics, which looked at the financial impact of bAnd it shows that despite promises made during the EU Referendum by the Vote Leave campaign, a post Brexit bonanza or economic boost are very wide of the mark.

The data suggests that a hard Brexit – that’s where the UK leaves the EU, single market and customs union – would see every householder in East Renfrewshire £332 worse off, a decade after Britain left the EU.

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Even a “soft Brexit” – where Britain retained access to the single market – would still leave every person in East Renfrewshire anything up to £173 a year worse off.

That’s not good news for householders in Scotland already struggling with higher interest rates, inflation and stagnant wages.

And it’s particularly galling for many Scots, who voted by a majority of two to one to remain part of the EU.

Ian Murray MP, a leading supporter of People’s Vote said: “This dramatic study from the People’s Vote campaign shows the reality and costs of Brexit to everybody in East Renfrewshire. Crashing out of the EU on destructive terms is going to hit the pockets of many Scots for a long time to come.

“Many towns across Scotland depend on close links with the EU, for jobs, investment, trade and research. But it’s not just businesses that will be affected – Brexit will leave hard-working Scottish families with less.

“It will especially impact key sectors like our world class universities, financial services and food and drink.

“It’s important Scotland demands a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal to ensure the best for our country.”