Brewdog announce plans for a craft beer hotel in the US

A Scottish brewer has unveiled plans to build a hotel in honour of craft beer in the United States.

BrewDog co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie plan to open a craft beer hotel in Ohio. Picture: Contributed

BrewDog said it wants to raise 75,000 US dollars (£61,300) in 30 days to build a craft beer hotel and sour beer facility in Columbus, Ohio.

The DogHouse and sour beer brewery will cost six million US dollars (£4.9 million) to build and furnish, with proceedings of the new fundraising campaign enabling the Aberdeenshire-based company to fast-track the project’s completion.

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The move comes after the beer-maker failed to reach an agreement with Aberdeenshire Council to build a hotel on council-owned land next to its existing brewery in Ellon.

BrewDog valued the plot at £58,500 but the local authority said it was worth £3.5 million.

It is understood the company is still in discussions with council leaders about building a hotel in the area in future.

The brewery sad the US DogHouse will give “beer geeks” the “ultimate beer-themed immersive experience”.

Plans include beer taps in guest rooms, a mini-fridge stocked with craft beer in the shower, beer-infused breakfasts and beer-based toiletries.

The company claims to have raised more money through crowdfunding than any other business on record, through its “anti-business model” Equity for Punks, and it now wants to fast-track plans to create a “beer utopia” in the US.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “So many people have visited our new brewery in America so far, and we’ve not even released our first beer yet.

“With the number of Equity Punks we now have stateside, as well as our international community of 55,000 shareholders, we’re gearing up to help make the pilgrimage to our brewery an even more immersive craft beer experience.

“The rooms in the DogHouse will be reminiscent of our most popular beers, with rooms overlooking the foeders in our new sour beer facility, and we’ll have hop-infused face masks - tailored to the hops in your favourite beers - malted barley massages plus, possibly my favourite part, a fridge in your en suite so you’re never more than an arm’s length from a chilled can of Punk IPA.”