Biotech firm Synpromics moves to new home to meet demand

Edinburgh-based firm Synpromics is moving to a new home at the Roslin Innovation Centre to meet surging global demand for its world-leading gene control technology.
Synpromics is moving to a new home in Midlothian. Picture: Lisa FergusonSynpromics is moving to a new home in Midlothian. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Synpromics is moving to a new home in Midlothian. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Synpromics was founded in 2010 to commercialise technology developed by chief scientific officer Dr Michael Roberts in the “highly disruptive” field of synthetic biology – which gives researchers the ability to create man-made DNA sequences to aid the development of cures for conditions such as haemophilia and hereditary blindness.

The firm is now lauding the next step in its growth and development with the move to the new site, after signing deals to provide gene therapy and bioprocessing with huge clients.

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The ground-breaking developments allow for researchers to create gene “promoters” which are not naturally occurring with DNA – driving gene expression in any cell type – with each promoter representing a different invention that can be patented.

The Roslin Innovation Centre, adjacent to the University of Edinburgh’s Bush Campus, offers mixed-use space, and the company will occupy both office and lab space.

David Venables, chief executive of Synpromics, explained: “Our move to Roslin is the result of two incredibly successful years for the company. In 2017 alone, we’ve signed gene therapy deals with a large, orphan disease pharma company and most recently with a US biotech specialising in gene editing and developing rare disease gene therapies.

“We’ve also signed bioprocessing deals with a top-ten pharma company and a global CDMO [contract development and manufacturing organisation]. Currently, the company has over ten active commercial gene therapy programmes and five bioprocessing programmes underway.

“Over that time Synpromics’ team has grown by over 100 per cent and is one of our greatest assets. We look forward to working in our new high tech facilities as we continue to build the company for the future.”

John Mackenzie, chief executive of Roslin Innovation Centre, added: “Synpromics, as one of the UK’s most innovative companies working in gene medicine, is an ideal fit for our profile. Synpromics’ innovation has been attracting attention within the life sciences community and we look forward to providing an environment conducive for the business to realise its long-term growth ambition.”